Dad-Daughter Success

Become a HERO DAD to your Teenage Daughter

Transform Your Relationship With Your Teenage Daughter in 90 Minutes

The research shows that teenage daughters need an awesome relationhsips with their dads if they are to have the best chance in life.

But she only has 2555 days of her teen years ... how will you use them?

If you want real solutions to navigate though life with a teenage daughter, then you've come to the right place.

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In this 90 minute course, you will discover:

  • The three core needs that every dad should ensure his teenage daughter gets from him
  • The 7 stages that a father-daughter relationship goes through from being healthy to a 'crash'
  • Why your daughter exhibits damaging attitudes (and the exact attitude you need to defeat them)
  • What is the lifeblood of your relationship, and what you need to know to keep it flowing
  • Why your daughter could be heading for life-destroying bad choices (and how to stop her choosing them)
  • How to develop a plan to not just manage, but to succeed brilliantly in raising your teenage daughter
  • What your 3 choices are for your next step; and the one you must not take.